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Business Success Series (Free)

The Small Business Success Series include free short eTraining modules that answer the most common questions we receive. Join us, Joanne Osmond and Claudia Pannell, in these 15 minute eTraining modules.

Casual Learning 2Do you ever wonder what makes one small business more successful than another? What nagging question do you have about working on your small business not in your business? The small business success series is for everyone who wants to grow their business. We answer the nagging questions. We help you become the business that succeeds!

Setting Smart Goals – Social Media – Writing a Press Release – Assets and Liabilities – Break Even Analysis – Feature and Benefits – and more…

We cover a wide range of business topics including business planning, marketing/sales, legal fundamentals, and technology. Our eTraining is as good as regular instructor-led courses because they are taught by certified instructors with a small business background. These experts have created a dynamic curriculum for each of the courses so you receive a quality education when you need it.

Click on the title to start the eTraining.

FREE – SEO  (SEO 2014- Search Engine Optimization tips. Time: 15 Minutes)

FREE – SMART Goals  (SMART Goals – Be smart and finish the goals. Time: 10 Minutes)

FREE – Social Media  (Social Media: What’s all of the fuss about Social Media? Time: 15 Minutes)

FREE – SOD Analysis (SOD: Strengths, Opportunities, Dangers. Time: 10 Minutes)

FREE – Vision vs Mission (Define Vision and Mission. Time: 15 Minutes)

FREE – Break-even Point (Break-even & Pricing Product/Service. Time: 15 Minutes)

FREE – Press Release (Writing a Press Release. Time: 15 Minutes)

FREE – Assets and Liabilities (What are assets and liabilities? Time: 15 Minutes)

FREE – Features and Benefits (Distinguishing Features and Benefits. Time: 15 Minutes)

We speak your language! We are SBDC Advisors with over ten years experience helping entrepreneurs start and grow their business! Our Mini-Classes may be free; but they are packed with gems! Join us today!

Small Business Success is our mission. Our Free Mini Classes are designed with you in mind. They are short and to the point. Claudia Pannell and Joanne Osmond clearly define each subject to focus on what matters most to help you understand in fifteen minutes what you need to know.

If there is a topic you would like address, let us know by emailing. We are experts at starting and growing small businesses. No topic is too complex or too obscure. We are both small business owners, who talk your language. And, we have made mistakes that we can tell you all about and we have been successful and can share the accomplishments with you. Just ask! We doubt that there is a question, we haven’t heard before or a situation we haven’t encountered. Your success is our mission!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at SmallBusinessSpokenHere@gmail.com

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