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7-Touch Marketing Plan ($25)

A Seven-Touch Marketing Plan is Marketing Success!

Marketing is a big topic that must be broken into manageable parts to be successful. It is also very simple. Identify and know your target market, know the benefits of your product or service to the target market, and figure out how to get the message to them. Along the way, ensure that you are touching them in a variety of ways. Remember the law of seven. For $25, write a Marketing Plan that works!
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Marketing your product or service can seem overwhelming with the many choices available to you. What will work for you varies over time and is based on an ever changing landscape which involves technology, economics, demographics, and other diverse internal and external factors. Build your plan based on sound advice and a clear understanding of marketing terminology.

LengthBusiness-Marketing: 45 minutes

Materials: Marketing for Success

Deliverable: 7-Touch Marketing Plan

Purpose: To prepare a marketing plan that will provide measureable results.


Using a proven format, the small business owners develop 7-Touch Market Plans to keep them focused on their objectives and reaching out to more customers within the financial guidelines they set

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