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Working Relationships ($25)

Value Managed relationship

It is clearly the object to build better relationships with customers and employees and vendors and families. It is literally everyone you meet. If you act like a jerk to one person, it may be the last opportunity for you to develop a loyal customer.

Learn from the experts for $25, knowing how to work with others will make a financial difference in your business.

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Building better relationships is understanding that you are in control of your actions so you have the ability and opportunity to be successful. You can improve your chances of success by developing the concept of value managed relationships.

People are what matters most. You can improve the performance of your small business by effectively managing your key relationships: employees, vendors, customers, and advisory board.

Maximize and Build Better Relationships

It does not always require money to increase productivity levels and promote higher sales. Building successful relationships with customers, vendors, and employees is vital to the success of an organization. Understanding the basics of relationship management is an inexpensive way to increase profits by working more efficiently and effectively.

Advisor 2Length: 45 Minutes

Materials: Relationship eGuide

Deliverables: One-Page Relationship Chart

Purpose: Develop effective relationships with customer, vendors, and employees.


Although often overlooked, effective utilization of your resources is one of the best ways to decrease costs and increase profits

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