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Are You Ready? ($25)

Are you ready to start your small business? The cost to take the class will be recovered in the money you save by planning ahead. Enroll in the class to start the training.

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Before you take the leap, review the advantages and disadvantages of business ownership. What are the critical success factors that you need to focus on as you start your journey of self-employment? At the conclusion, you will know if you are ready to start a business now or if you need to prepare so you can in the future. You will also understand which road you should take; and it may not be the one you expect. It is a small investment to assess if you are ready to start a business; it can prevent costly mistakes or open the door to opportunity.

Estimated Time to Complete: Two Hours

When you decide to start your own business, you are starting a journey that will be exciting at times and frustrating at other times.  The road is not flat but includes hills and obstacles that you will have to navigate.  It is definitely easier if you can see your destination, so start with a clear vision of where you are going. It will act as your beacon and keep you on the right track.  Do not be disturbed if you need to stop along the way to learn new techniques and adjust your load.

You will need to make choices along the way; sometimes your choice will be wrong and you will have to change your course.  One of the primary ways you learn is by trial and error.  What you learn along the way is key to your survival.

Take time to plan your route.  If you need additional resources to reach your destination, develop a Business Plan.  Even if you don’t need a Business Plan, develop a Marketing Plan that clearly defines your marketing strategy.  Without focusing on a marketing strategy, you will definitely get lost. The options are limitless and you will spread your time too thin to accomplish your goals.

Learn more about what you need to do to be prepared for only $25.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at SmallBusinessSpokenHere@gmail.com

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